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I have been writing up a storm since moving out of London.  There is something restorative and immensely healing about living in the English countryside.  Some medicinal combination of fresh air, intimacy with nature, darkness, and quiet have profoundly stirred my soul.  Resulting in lots of songs, a healthier mind and body, and a deeper connection with my family.  I am also experiencing magical encounters with musical partners and new friends that instantly become dear friends.  With all this goodness abounding I sense some exceptional musical offerings on the horizon - please stay tuned to see what blessing the muse bestow....

Podcast Development - Momma Ain't Got No Time - stay tuned for more details!!!

In addition to music, I am working on a new podcast called Momma Ain't Got No Time through which I will explore creativity in the midst of the muck and mire of motherhood.  I will be talking to intrepid artists, musicians, and creatives of any an all type that brave the creative currents while holding it down on the parenting front.  I want to know how mommas do it - don't you?  I want to know how mommas juggle the babes, the art, the dishes, the partners - 'ya know - the whole shebang.  I'm gonna ask how mommas keep shining their light when life gets hard and complicated - as it's want to do when raising little humans.  I need to hear the the answers so that I can keep shining my light and hopefully sharing these conversations will help anyone listening to shine their light too! 


WIll let you know when I am up late enough to have a show!

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